If you’re considering selling your home in the Arizona Biltmore. Before you consider an agent to sell your home. I recommend that you Google any of the Biltmore communities. Look for agents who focus on the Biltmore and surrounding area.

While searching Google, it make sense to expect any Buyer to start with a general search term. Such as Homes for sale in the Arizona Biltmore or  Homes for sale in Colony Biltmore, “Homes for sale in Biltmore greens, as three quick examples.  Please pay special attention to my website BiltmoreLiving.com, and it’s position within each search. Brian has worked very hard to make sure that he remains in the Top ranking position in all the search engines.

(Just the facts) So when you are wanting to sell your home, ask yourself…would you want to give your listing to an agent who can’t be found while performing a basic internet search? An important FACT is that 80-90% of all home buyers start their home search on-line.  The key to selling your home is making sure it seen by each and every prospective buyer. It’s also a fact that most buyers do not look at page 2 of an internet search. So if your listing agent isn’t found on the first page of Google, than rest assured that your home is also not going to be found.

Of course, there are many great agent who sell within the Arizona Biltmore. My recommendation is to first search for your particular Biltmore community, then search for the name of any prospective agent. Write down the names and websites that you see repeatedly. I think you’ll find BiltmoreLiving.com  aka Brian Dunshie more than any other existing website, in any search involving the Arizona Biltmore.

Once your’ve created a list of a few agents. Please visit each of their websites. Look for their Featured Properties….Consider how your home would be displayed to the prospective buyer? Are the photos of quality, and are they large? Buyers love large professional quality photos. Make sure the photos aren’t burnt by photographers using HDR techniques that are artsy, but don’t represent the way the house really looks? This can only lead to a disappointed Buyer upon arrival.  How about videos, or other unique marketing practices? How will your home be presented to the world?

Brian Dunshie of Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty goes way beyond the expected level of most luxury agents. When you list your home for sale with Brian Dunshie, a very unique process begins. Expect to be dazzled by Brian’s insistence on perfection. The process begins with HD Photography, (No burnt HDR photos) only clean clear photos that truly represent the way the home looks and feels.  In addition, Brian shoots a host of Panoramic 360 degree photos as well as 360×180 degree panoramic photos where applicable. These panoramic photos allow the viewer to spin each photo 360 degrees, as if they are standing in the room themselves (very, very cool). These panoramic photos actually tell a story and provide the prospective Buyer with a sense of depth and feel for the layout of your  home.

In addition to amazing photos, a custom video shoot is performed. The video is produced is distributed in high quality 1080p HD format. In most homes the use of one of Brian’s aerial video drones will be used to create incredible slow panning transitions of the front and back showing the special appeal of your home. Showing off the beauty of your home from ground level, up to an overhead straight down image. With the ever-growing popularity of video, Brian’s end game is to make sure that each of his video productions display a true sense of the home, inside and out, and that they are seen by the masses.

When the Buyer arrives for the first time, they will be greeted with a beautifully printed, high quality brochure of your home. Please, no color copies will ever be used here! Each of Brian’s brochures are custom designed unique creations. Printed on heavy card stock, with borderless full color inside and out. For properties that are priced over $2m a custom designed and printed multi page magazine will be presented to all Buyers.

Always innovating and evolving with the latest technology and trends, Brian Dunshie’s high standards of quality will help define your homes selling price, thus selling your home for the highest price possible in today’s market.

Please reach out to Brian Dunshie if you are thinking of marketing your home for sale. Brian represents Sellers of every price point, and every home is treated like a million dollars!

Brian Dunshie | 480.522.6818
Russ Lyon | Sotheby’s International Realty